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About NaLT Analytics

NaLT Analytics is a provider of cutting-edge AI products and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. We understand the AI landscape and relevant technologies. Our goal is to help businesses identify opportunities specific to their business and develop a long term AI strategy, empower them to drive their AI roadmap and transformational priorities quickly and efficiently, help leverage AI to cut costs, improve efficiency and grow revenue by designing, implementing and maintaining AI solutions to meet key business objectives.

Our Skills

Computer Vision

Understanding vision and generating insights, we specialize in multiple techniques like object detection, image segmentation, enhancement.

Speech Processing

Understanding speech and generating insights, we specialize in multiple techniques like speech to text, keyword spotting, speaker identification.

Natural Language Processing

Understanding languages and generating insights, we specialize in multiple techniques like intent and sentiment extraction, text summarisation.

Model Optimisation

Software and Hardware acceleration of AI models for local and faster inference on embedded and wearable platforms.

Multimodal Learning

Our models make sense of multiple inputs like vision, language and speech to generate insights.

Continual learning

Our models learn continously and get better over time.

AI & ML Services

Strategy and Consulting

We identify opportunities specific to businesses, we define a long term AI strategy and drive that in phases.


We develop and maintain AI solutions specific to business requiements.


We carry out original research, our team has published work in several reputed conferences. We are also open to the idea of contract research.

CTO & Extended Team

If you have an Idea related to AI but no team, no worries we act as your CTO and build it for you.

We also act as your extended team.

AI Products and Solutions

Fall Detection

Our Custom AI model will detect when a person falls in the video. This is very useful for old people as it's non invasive.

Face Recognition

Our model can detect and recognize faces using single or few images.

Object Detection

Our pretrained model works on thousands of categories to detect and count objects. We also trained the model on custom categories based on requirements.

NSFW Detector

Our NSFW detector flags inappropriate content from images, videos and text.

Vehicle Damage Detection

Our model identifies damage and predicts extent of damage along with cost of repair.

Entity Extractor

Our entity extraction model can be used to extract key information from documents and other unstructured data.

Document Organiser

Our Document Organiser analyses which category a document falls into based on the content of the document and reorganises it.

Keyword spotting

Our model is capable of spotting commands from speech and it's very small can even be deployed on a remote. It can be very useful in home automation.

Question answer extractor

Our model can be used to extract answer from given content. This can used in call center to reduce load on associates.


It's Fun !

Are you a curious and collaborative visionary, someone excited about tackling the hard problems in technology ? NaLT Analytics is and will always be the place that thinks big and takes risks. Together, we’ll create and iterate on the services, products and tools of the future.

We are currently looking for Business Development Personnel in US, Europe and India. If you think we are a great match to you, drop a mail to info@naltanalytics.ai with "Business Development" in the subject.

Don't find any openings that match your skills ? No worries drop a mail but do tell us how can you help NaLT Analytics.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop a mail to info@naltanalytics.ai to discuss your requirements or know more about what we do.